With tons of decorative designs out there, treat your window to something a little different and make the most of bright summer days.


Perfect for street-facing rooms and over-looked windows, window film is going through a bit of a renaissance. 


If you don't want to sacrifice light but would like a bit more privacy and security, then our frosted window film is perfect for you. 



1. It's a clean, modern alternative to curtains or blinds

with so many fabrics to choose from, buying curtains or blinds can be time consuming. window film, on the other hand, will make your room feel bigger and brighter, and a pretty, cut-out design will add pattern and personality. window films are easy to remove and leave behind no residue. 



2. It gives you extra privacy but still lets natural light flood in

Window film is a great way to deter nosy neighbours from peering through your window. go for a large-scale pattern on the bottom half of your window only to allow maximum light to flood in. neighbours might still stop and stare but only to admire the pretty motif!



3. It can be used in bathrooms and on shower screens

it's tough, durable and water resistant, which means it is suitable for application in damp locations, such as bathroom windows. it can even be used to jazz up a plain shower screen, disguising water marks at the same time!