NEW Ultima Security Window Film

Acknowledging the need for the Ultimate in security window film, we are pleased to announce a new product, the Ultima Window Defence System, which offers increased safety for customers.

The Ultima Window Defence System is a window film combined with anchorage and containment systems that serve as protection from anti vandal and burglary, slowing down intruders and reducing the chances of smash and grab crime, therefore protecting the most vulnerable areas. It is designed to hold glass together when broken, is able to withstand multiple attacks, or resist entry from intruders on its own.

Using a new and unique development from the Ultima Window Defence System, the window pane is coated with Hanita security grade window film which is bonded to the window frame. A decorative, color-coded cap is then applied to match the existing window frame. The system offers virtually invisible protection that needs not be seen to be believed or trusted.

1. Multi laminated security film (from 300 microns).
2. Aluminium powder coated colour capping.
3. Existing glass pane.
4. Rubber gasket.
5. Unique film loop to allow for expansion under blast pressure.
6. Top fixing bar with unique serrated clamp giving even grip along the bar.
7. Bottom fixing bar with unique serrated clamp giving even grip along the bar.

The Ultima Window Defence System offers protection from a blast scenario and or "smash and grab" type crime - all while being fully transparent and allowing a clear view. Manufactured from a high grade aluminium profile, the system comes in any standard aluminium colour, without corrosion and maintenance-free. In the event of an explosion or a break-in, the system disperses the energy and creates a durable elastic surface.

Statistics reveal that on an annual basis, about a million burglaries and attempted break-ins occur in the United Kingdom. In fact, about every 37 seconds, a home somewhere in Great Britain is burgled. Adding to these alarming figures are the recent events concerning civil unrest in the UK, with looting and rioting that bring about destruction of buildings and property. As such, homes and businesses are becoming concerned about securing their structures, particularly their glass windows.

We also offer a variety of security window film, window film and window films products such as anti-shatter window films for bomb blast protection, security and safety including Health & Safety Regulation 14; solar control films to reduce solar heat gain and glare; opaque privacy films and manifestation graphics; specialist films for one-way vision window film; fade reduction window film; anti-graffiti window film; as well as edge entrapment systems for overhead glazing safety.